LeLa Art Gallery

Contemporary Ethiopian Fine Arts 

Current Exhibition

Opening: September 2018.
Closing: mid-October 2018.


We are happy to announce that our New Year Show is now open, displaying a number of our favorite Ethiopian contemporary artists and friends!

Enjoy the diverse range of art until mid-October! We look forward to welcoming you at LeLa Art Gallery!

Some of our previous exhibitions

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About The Gallery

LeLa is a contemporary fine arts space dedicated to the presentation of visual and multidisciplinary art, LeLa serves as an active partner to artists, supporting experimentation and innovation, and works to create links between artists and collectors, artisans and producers, and other interested members of the arts community.

LeLa Gallery was founded in 2006 by Lilly Sahle, Director and Leo Lefort, associate curator. Since the establishment of LeLa, we have worked to foster collaborations across disciplines, to promote the exchange of art with artists abroad, and to assist artists in working towards realization of a project, from concept stage to final product.